​Investors Relations


Tradition, Solidity and Trust

Watt´s S.A. is a conglomerate company in the food and wine industry that comprises several prestigious brands and a wide variety of products, mainly sold in the Chilean market. At an international level, our products, including food and wine, are exported to and sold in more than 80 countries.

Watt’s started as a family business producing jams in the 1930s. The company has continued to grow and diversify until becoming the current market leader in many of the market segments in which Watt’s participates, and, in December 2011, achieving sales of US$629 million. 

Our Strengths

  • Prestigious, well-known brands, which are preferred by consumers
  • A diverse range of products, permitting access to various markets, minimizing risk.
  • Market leader in the majority of market segments in which Watt’s participates.
  • Wide coverage across Chile.​

Risk Classification

  • Solvency : A
  • Perspectives : Stable
  • Shares Serie : 1ª Class
  • A and B : Level 3