Our customers


Watt’s is committed to its consumers, and this is reflected in each of our products. As a food manufacturer, we know that we have a responsibility to provide nutritious, tasty and good quality products to our consumers, so they have the option to make healthy food choices.  

Modification of our products. At Watt's, we have made significant efforts to make all of our products healthier over time. This commitment has led us to modify the formulations of our products by lowering their levels of fat, sugar and sodium. This initiative seeks to contribute to the government’s Global Program Against Obesity (EGO), to combat obesity amongst the Chilean population, especially in children.

Healthier, tasty and convenient products. Watt's has designated one of their main brands, Loncoleche as committed to the development of healthy and functional products. Therefore, all Loncoleche products have something to bring to the consumer, such as fortified food with vitamins, extra-calcium milk, different types of milk, lactose-free yoghurts, margarine with Omega 3 and probiotics, among others. Knowing that making actual healthy food choices is also a matter of convenience, Watt's, through their brand Calo, aims at developing high quality products for everyone. These commitments enhance the flavor and quality of all of our products.

Contributors to the nutritional development of our nation. Since the 1970s, Watts has been one of the leading suppliers of Purita milk for the National Complementary Food Program (PNAC) promoted by the Government of Chile. Through this program, significant accomplishments have been achieved, such as the reduction of child malnutrition to less than 1%. Watt's are committed to providing the best service for this program, and bearing that in mind, we have consistently supported the government through development of new and innovative distribution systems that reach all regions of Chile.  

Listen to consumers. Watt's strives to be in constant communication with consumers and answer all their questions and queries. As a result, we have allocated a specialized Consumer Care area. For further information, click here.